Build & Condition


Safely build muscle, strength, and metabolic capacity with a hybrid approach using bodybuilding, strength training, olympic lifting, running, and mixed modality interval training

Written and programmed by
Ryan DeBell, MS, DC and John Rusin, DPT

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Intelligently and safely blending multiple methods together is no easy task

We all want the best of everything:

  • more muscle mass
  • Better body control and mind-body connection
  • Faster running
  • Better endurance
  • More strength
  • Feeling physically great

Achieving all of these together, safely, is the purpose of Build and Condition - and it takes a well-thought out systematic approach that takes tons of variables into account. We spent over a year working together to build this program with all of this in mind, managing the appropriate load, volume, recovery, and stress without overloading any individual area of the body.

That is key to making a safe program like this - you have to manage and systematically increase the volume, intensity, exercise selection, rep scheme, and rest intervals to load everything enough but not overload anything in particular.

Building a program like this required us to create a variety of types of training days, outlined below:  

Day 1 - Clean Complex

Clean complex day consists of:

  • a barbell clean variation
  • an overhead barbell lift variation
  • a barbell complex
Day 2 - Strength - Upper Body Emphasis

This day consists of upper body strength training, including a variety of:

  • Bench press variations
  • Rowing variations
  • Carries
  • Upper body accessory work
Day 3 - Strength/Hypertrophy Hybrid - Lower Body Emphasis

This day consists of lower body strength and hypertrophy training, including a variety of:

  • Squat variations
  • Posterior chain training
  • Split squat training
  • Lower body focused mixed modality interval training
Day 4 - Snatch and Running

This day consists of barbell snatch work and running intervals that change over the 12 weeks in variation, intensity, and duration

Day 5 - Strength - Lower Body Emphasis

This day consists of lower body strength training:

  • Deadlift variations
  • Squatting variations
  • Accessory lower body work
  • Core work
Day 6 - Strength/Hypertrophy Hybrid - Upper Body Emphasis

This day consists of upper body strength and hypertrophy training, including a variety of:

  • Pull Ups
  • Horizontal/Vertical pressing
  • Accessory shoulder work
  • Mixed modality interval training with an upper body emphasis
Day 7 - Recovery

This day consists of recovery strategies to keep your body fresh:

  • Breathing 
  • Biphasic stretching
  • Active movement routines
  • Self myofascial release

This unique structure is what allows you to train hard without overloading yourself. You may need to take an extra day off here and there, as many people have who have gone through the program - that is why we have provided recovery day guidelines and recommendations so you have a resource even for the days where you are not training hard. You should always listen to your body and take extra rest when you feel tapped out.

This is Not a Beginner's Program

Build and Condition uses the following exercises (among others)

  • Barbell clean and jerk
  • Barbell snatch
  • Barbell back squat
  • Barbell front squat
  • Fast running/sprinting
  • Barbell and dumbbell pressing/jerking
  • Pull ups
  • and many more

To participate in this program we recommend the following:

  • At least 1 year of consistent weight training experience
  • Experience performing full barbell snatches
  • Experience performing full cleans
  • Experience performing overhead barbell lifts (jerks, presses, push presses)
  • You do not have any current injuries

If you do not meet the above requirements, we do not recommend this program for you at this time.

People Love Build & Condition

The proof is in the pudding. See what others who have gone through the program have to say about it: 

Equipment You Will Need

  • Barbell
  • Variety of Dumbbells
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Variety of Kettlebells
  • Jump rope
  • Place to run
  • Gymnastic rings or TRX setup
  • Weight Bench
  • Exercise bands

Any CrossFit/Functional Fitness type of gym should have everything you need.

A Little bit About Us

Ryan DeBell, DC, MS

  • Founder of Movement Fix
  • Master's Degree in Exercise Science
  • Doctorate in Chiropractic
  • Taught 150+ workshops to 2,000+ trainers worldwide

John Rusin, DPT

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Creator of Pain Free Performance Specialist Certification
  • Founder of
  • Has taught thousands of trainers, coaches, and clinicians worldwide

We Guarantee You will Love Build & Condition

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$149 USD $110