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Closed Chain Hip Circles

If you haven't watched the open chain hip circles video yet, click here to watch that first. 

For any joint, we have to look at the ability to control it in both an open and closed chain environment.

This week we look at closed chain hip control in a variety of positions.

Whenever you run, you are either completely off the ground (both legs essentially open chain) or you have 1 leg on the ground (which would be 1 open chain and 1 closed chain).

We have to have the ability to control our joints in both environments so we can handle any situation that is thrown at us.

This past weekend I did a 9 mile hike that had 4000 feet of elevation. On the way down, I was running through the trails thinking about how many different positions my hips, feet, knees, low back, and ankles had to handle.

If you don't train those positions, you're vulnerable.

Training these closed chain hip circles will improve your balance, proprioception, and responsiveness to challenged positions.

I add these in to the end of most lower body warm ups these days for a few sets each direction with each leg.




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