Daily Dose of Movement

(formerly named Full Body Mobility Program)


Take the guesswork out of your movement practice. Give your body the best stretches, self performed soft tissue work, and movement maintenance work so you can enjoy a lifetime of mobility and movement.

Buy once, use forever.


30-day money back guarantee
See inside - Download a 4-day sample

Daily Dose of Movement is an easily digestible full body movement program that will keep your body moving fluidly for the rest of your life

I do crossfit three times a week… yet I can’t even touch my toes

“I feel fine now, but my mom has stiff joints and I want to prevent that from happening to me

I’m in really good shape and eat well, but I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to maintain this flexibility and mobility as I age”

I hear stories like this every week

I’ve seen thousands of clients around the world, of all ages, struggle with stiff joints and limited mobility. Without knowing what to do, they’re forced to rely on randomly selected YouTube or Instagram videos.

When I give them simple stretches and movement exercises that follow a structured and systematic approach, I hear the
same thing over and over again - “I wish somebody would have shown me this sooner!”

Now, I’m not a time traveler…

But I do know that
“now” is better than “never” 

Because even with all of the free information out there…

still hear from people every day who have joint mobility problems, limited range of motion, and no idea how to start.

This is the program designed to give you structure to keep your body healthy and moving for your entire life .

My name is Dr. DeBell


I’ve spent over a decade studying the complexities of the human body to figure out the best ways to move to prevent injury, maintain and improve your range of motion, improve your positioning, and increase your physical longevity.

I started bodybuilding when I was twelve years old. I loved learning about how different exercises and movements affected different parts of my body.

When I was older, I went to chiropractic school and graduated summa cum laude because I truly could not get enough of this stuff.

In fact, while getting my doctorate, I also earned another degree at the same time, a Master’s in Sports and Exercise Science. 

You see, our body is the only home we have…we literally live in our body...so I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than to figure out how to keep that home as clean and comfortable as possible.

Maybe you feel the same way.

If you want to get out of bed every morning without feeling stiff and rigid... 

If you want to feel comfortable in your body and continue doing the activities you love for years and years to come... 

If you want to be able to bend over, reach the top shelves of the cabinet, pick things up off the ground, or play with your kids or grandkids on the floor for the rest of your life… 

If you want to improve your range of motion so you can have a better golf swing or stronger throwing arm…

If you never want to be a burden to your loved ones because you can’t move your body…

If you want to maintain your range of motion, mobility, and physical freedom…

If you want to do everything you can to prevent physical degradation and losing your range of motion later in life...

Then keep reading.

First thing's first - I do not believe in quick fixes, hacks, or gimmicks.

If you’re looking for a ‘quick fix,’ then this program isn’t for you. 

This program will only make a difference if you are committed. So if you want me to snap my fingers and fix your issues… if you want one or two stretches that will undo years of hunching over a laptop or neglecting your body… then you need to look somewhere else (and I wish you the best of luck). 

But if you want a program that has a decade’s worth of expertise behind it and will give your body the exact movement practices it needs to increase and maintain your movement, then this is the program for you.

Welcome to your Daily Dose of Movement

It is only through consistent daily habits that we can earn long term benefits.

With just 10-15 minutes each day, you can...


  • Achieve greater mobility, body awareness, and body control so you’ll be able to keep your body moving and limber
  • Expand your knowledge about the body and how your joints and muscles work together so you can optimize your own movement and spread that knowledge to others
  • Improve your body awareness so you’ll be able to sense how you're loading through your joints and how you support your positions, thus building your mind-body connection 
  • Save time and stress by being efficient with your stretches and movement work so you can fit this into your busy schedule 
  • Feel confident knowing that you’re doing the right things on a daily basis for your body

And the best news is, this program will help you regardless of your fitness background, your age, or your current health situation.

For instance…

Maybe you’re a total fitness newbie, finally willing to put in the effort to take control of your long term health...

Maybe you’re a gym rat who can hold a handstand all day...

Maybe you’re a fitness coach, hoping to test run some new tricks on yourself before you pass them on to your clients...

Bottom line...

If you have a body, you’ll benefit from this program.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 90 different mobility and movement sessions, each consisting of 6-10 different exercises that you can access on any device, anywhere 
  • 95 full length tutorial and demo videos to guide you in each movement so you can feel confident knowing you’re doing each movement correctly
  • Step by step written instructions for every movement in case you prefer words to videos

...all neatly packaged in a program that will
completely change the way you feel in your body. You’ll feel lighter. More stable. More mobile. And all around better.

This program has it all. It focuses on every single part of your body (even your wrists and toes!) so you’ll definitely feel results. 

And the program was specifically designed to be repeated.

That means when you finish the 90th day, simply start again at the beginning! You’ll pay one small fee now for a mobility and movement program that will last you the rest of your life.

Like a car, your body requires constant maintenance if you want it to continue running well. But it can be difficult to know exactly what to do.

Anyone can throw up a YouTube video these days.

This program removes the guesswork so you can just drop in and give your body exactly what it needs.

Work your Entire Body

This program systematically works through your entire body, from your head to your toes, in under 15 minutes a day.

Work your Entire Body

This program systematically works through your entire body, from your head to your toes, in under 15 minutes a day.

All You Need To Do Is Click and Watch

You can access this from any device, anywhere.

All You Need to Do is Click and Watch

You can access this from any device, anywhere.

Difficult Concepts Made Easy

It’s informative without being overwhelming or confusing.

Difficult Concepts Made Easy

It’s informative without being overwhelming or confusing.

Trusted And Credible Source of Information

Dr. DeBell has over a decade of experience and has worked with over thousands of clients.

Trusted and Credible Source of Information

Dr. DeBell has over a decade of experience and has worked with over thousands of clients.

All for a one time fee of $90.

Which is essentially a STEAL.

Imagine what will happen to your body if you don’t start taking care of it now.

Maybe you’ll get so stiff that you’ll need weekly massages to get through the day...

You can barely find a good masseuse for less than $100 anyway. 

Let alone paying someone weekly

Which means a small $90 investment now could save you thousands of dollars  over time.

PLUS - you’ll always be covered by our money back guarantee. That means if you don’t LOVE this program within the first 30 days, you’ll get your money back.

So if you want to rest easy at night knowing that you're doing all the right things for your body in the long run


30-day money back guarantee
See inside - Download a 4-day sample

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a movement program?

You don’t… unless you want to live a mobile life where your body feels like yours. Moving your joints on a regular basis through a full range of motion, loading them, and doing basic self performed soft tissue work will help you maintain and improve your range of motion and body awareness.

This all sounds great, but can I see a sample?

Absolutely, you can download a free 4-day sample.

What makes your programming so good?

This is literally what I have dedicated my life to.

I have years of formal education, but more importantly years of practical use of this material both on a 1 on 1 basis with patients/clients and with thousands of trainers, coaches, clinicians, and athletes who have attended my live workshops.

The data points we have collected from all of those experiences has allowed me to refine my approach.

Not to mention, I built this program with myself in mind. When I made it I framed it as 'how do I build the best daily movement program for myself'.

How is this different from the Shoulder and Hip Mobility Programs?

The focus.

This program is an all-in-one full body program. It includes the best parts of the shoulder and hip program, with additional work on the feet, ankles, wrists, forearms.

This program was designed to work through your entire body each week, allowing you to do one 10-15 minute session per day and be sure everything is being worked on systematically.

If you want a more focused program for a particular area, those other options may be better.

What exactly do I get with this program?

You’ll get 90 unique sessions designed to help you maintain your body’s mobility.

Each session comes with 5-10 exercises, including foam rolling/tissue work, passive and active stretching, and loaded range of motion work.

Each exercise comes with a video demo, tutorial, and in-depth written notes to ensure that you can do each exercise correctly.

The program comes in PDF format with all videos linked for quick access.

I don’t belong to a gym, can I still do this?

Absolutely! This program has helped people who workout at home, people who travel for work, and people who want to want to mix up gym and home workouts.

Do I really have to do this every day?

Do you brush your teeth every day? Do you eat food every day? You don’t haaave to… but if you’re interested in maintaining your health, then yes. (But a day off here or there won’t kill you - obviously)

How long will this last?

The program includes 90 sessions, but it was designed so you can follow it over and over again. So essentially, this program lasts forever.

What happens if I need help?

We’re here for you! Reach out to [email protected] with any questions and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Why shouldn’t I just watch a few YouTube videos about stretching?

Those are probably a good place to start, but you certainly won’t get the depth nor the completeness of this 90 day program.

Each day systematically builds on the previous day, adding volume and complexity as time goes on, to fully optimize your range of motion and mobility.

This program also incorporates all components: foam rolling/tissue work, stretching, and supportive strengthening.

If you want to watch some YouTube videos, check out the Movement Fix YouTube Channel. We have hundreds of videos that can help you for free - this program provides structure, ease of use, and is formatted with a defined purpose.

How does this differ from some of the other mobility subscriptions out there?

This was designed to not be a subscription, but rather one program you can follow over and over again for as long as you’d like.

The reason: we don't believe movement and stretching routines need to be a subscription.

What makes you qualified to help me?

I have a doctorate in chiropractic and a Master’s in Sports and Medicine.

Additionally, I’ve traveled around the world teaching this information to thousands of people.

I have also worked with experts in a variety of fields and spoken to them in depth; many of these conversations are available on Movement Fix Podcast.

I have an injury, will this program help me?

This is tricky.

A lot of the movements and stretches in this program have helped people, but always refer to a doctor’s advice and never train into pain. Listen to your body… if it hurts, stop.

This program was not built to treat injuries.

Am I too old for this? Am I too young for this?

If you think you’re too old, it’s never too late to increase your body’s mobility. Every little bit helps. If you think you’re too young, it’s never too early to prevent aches and pains.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If you don't love the program after 30 days, contact us.

I want you to either love this program or get your money back.


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