Day 14: Back Squat Prep

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Welcome to Day 14 of the 30 Days of Warm Ups and Movement Prep.

Today we will be working on back squat prep.

If you haven't already, download our 30 Day Challenge Guide.

The 30 Warm Ups and Routines in this guide are meant to be used before or after a training session.

Each day was originally designed to be done for 30 minutes, however, with much testing and feedback, 15 minutes is now recommended.

These sequences are designed to be done for the allotted time (15 minutes) working through the reps at a low to moderate pace.

Day 14 - Back Squat Prep

Today is day 14 of the challenge and we will be focusing on back squat prep.


  • 10 Lateral Lunges; light weight
  • 10 Ring Rows (easy enough to get chest ALL the way through)
  • S Back Squats (building up load each round)

Lateral Lunges

If you are not comfortable using weight, please use a dowel as seen in day 1.

During the lateral lunge with weight, you should maintain the same spinal positioning as you did in day one. Said another way, if I held a dowel up to your back, there should be 3 points of contact. If you are unable to achieve this, regress back to using the dowel as seen in day 1.

Hold the kettlebell by the horns and keep it close to your chest. Think about pulling the kettlebell handles apart to improve your thoracic spine extension.

Ring Rows

The ring rows we are doing here are not the typical ring rows from a workout. We are going to make them less weighted by keeping the body vertical at the top of the rep.

What we want from this ring row is thoracic spine (upper back) extension and activation of the musculature in the upper back. This will help to prevent the upper back from rounding in the back squat.

An upper back rounding in a squat can be a mobility issue, a stability issue, or a strength issue. The ring row as used here can help with all of those.

Back Squats

Now that we prepared the lower body through the lateral lunge and the upper back through the ring row, we are going to put the pieces together and back squat. Start light at the beginning of the cycle and work up toward a heavy weight.

What’s Next

Head over to Day 15.

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