Day 16: Deadlifting with Single Leg Squat Pattern

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Welcome to Day 16 of the 30 Days of Warm Ups and Movement Prep.

Today we will be working on deadlifting and the single leg squat pattern.

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The 30 Warm Ups and Routines in this guide are meant to be used before or after a training session.

Each day was originally designed to be done for 30 minutes, however, with much testing and feedback, 15 minutes is now recommended.

These sequences are designed to be done for the allotted time (15 minutes) working through the reps at a low to moderate pace.

Day 16 - Deadlifting with Single Leg Squat Pattern

Today is day 16 of the challenge and we will be focusing on deadlifting and single leg squats in a pattern.


  • 10 Straight Leg Raises with Core Activation
  • 15 Single Leg Squat Patterns (5 each position) each leg
  • Work Up to a Heavy Set of 4-8 Deadlifts

Straight Leg Raises with Core Activation

What we are trying to do with this movement is get the core musculature active while we work on hip mobility. Make sure to keep your toes pulled up toward the shin while performing the leg raise.

Single Leg Squat Patterns

There are three different single leg squats we will do in this pattern. During all of them you should maintain a neutral spine position as determined using the 3 points of contact method on a dowel as discussed in the lateral lunge.

1. Straight back

a. When doing this, all the weight during the reps should be on the stance leg only. The leg you are holding off the ground should not bear any weight
b.Think about sitting back in a chair and lightly tap the back toe on the ground

2. Straight back with lift at top

a. This is the same as the first squat except to finish the rep, you end with your
lifted leg in front of you

3. Bowler squat

a. This begins the same as the straight back squat
b. Instead of taking your leg straight back, aim your foot 45 degrees back toward
your stance leg, as if you were bowling

In all of these squats, the knee of the stance leg should stay over the middle of the foot. The knee should not collapse in or collapse out.


Now that we mobilized using the straight leg raise, got the gluteal muscles engaged using the single leg squat pattern, it is time to deadlift. Start light and work up to a heavy set by the end of the 30 minutes.

What’s Next

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