Day 9: Front Squat Mobility and Prep

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Welcome to Day 9 of the 30 Days of Warm Ups and Movement Prep.

Today we will be working on front squat mobility and prep.

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The 30 Warm Ups and Routines in this guide are meant to be used before or after a training session.

Each day was originally designed to be done for 30 minutes, however, with much testing and feedback, 15 minutes is now recommended.

These sequences are designed to be done for the allotted time (15 minutes) working through the reps at a low to moderate pace.

Day 9 - Front Squat Mobility and Prep

Today is day 9 of the challenge and we will be focusing on front squat mobility and prep.


  • Tissue Prep; 60"/leg (calves)
  • 20 Reps Ankle Joint Mobilization/side
  • Goblet Squat Hold; 60" (35/26 or less; pull chest through)
  • Front Squat (3-5 reps, build up to a heavy load)

Tissue Prep

We are prepping the tissue, not trying to break it apart. Don’t roll so hard it is painful. Use this as a time to lightly tenderize yourself.

Ankle Joint Mobilization

This popular ankle mobilization is very useful. Use whatever band you have available. Make sure that you put the band over the tongue of the shoe and not higher. If you put it too high, you are missing the joint that you are trying to mobilize.

Goblet Squat Hold

Use a moderately light kettlebell for this hold. Make sure you hold the goblet squat in a good squat position. Don’t let your upper or lower back round forward. You may have to sacrifice depth to maintain neutral spinal positioning and that is ok. If you mobilize a squat in a less than ideal position, it won’t translate into an ideal position. If you are unsure if your back is neutral, revisit day l’s lateral lunge using the 3 points of contact on the dowel. Since we are front squatting and building up to a heavy weight, it is VERY important that you do not “relax” in the bottom of your goblet squat. This needs to be an active position.

Front Squat

Now that we have prepared the ankle, calf, upper back, and hips for squatting, let’s use it. For today, we are going to use it by doing front squats. Start with a light load and build up the weight as you progress during the 30 minutes.

What’s Next

Head over to Day 10.

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