How Different Deadlifts Load the Low Back Differently

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How Different Deadlifts Load the Low Back Differently | Ep. 107 | Movement Fix Monday

This week on Movement Fix Monday I am joined by Dr. Dan Pope from Fitness Pain Free.

Dan was in town in Seattle with me this weekend because we are creating a program for coaches and trainers on how to systematically modify workouts for athletes who have pain.

I am sure nobody out there who is a trainer has any clients that have pain... that is sarcasm.

A huge majority of people training have SOME aches or pains somewhere (some worse than others). Dan and I systematically went through all the lifts and exercises people do in a typical 'functional fitness' setting and created progressions, modifications, tweaks, and coaching notes we use when helping athletes who have pain or an injury train safely.

This week's video is a taste of what this program is all about.

Different deadlifts will load the back and knees differently based on torso positioning, hip positioning, and knee angulation.

Certain types of deadlifts will load the knees more, but in so doing will load the back in a way that introduces less shear loading.

A romanian deadlift (RDL) will have a more vertical shin (less knee load) but the torso will angle toward the ground more (more shear) vs a trap bar deadlift, which will have a more angled shin (more knee load) and a more vertical torso (less shear in the low back).

Once you understand how these different set ups and variations of lifts affect joints differently, you can modify workouts, exercises, and movements based on data, facts, and logic than on a system that tells you what to do.

Some people just want to be told exactly what to do and not have to think about it. This education program we are making isn't for that person. What we are making is for the person who wants to actually learn the why so that they are empowered to make decisions.

I hope you enjoy this week's video and it helps you help yourself or help someone else.

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