Easy Wrist Warm Up and Mobility Flow

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Easy Wrist Warm Up and Mobility Flow | Week 50 | Movement Fix Monday

Over the course of this last weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking for a half day at O'Hare CrossFit (OCF) in Chicago about squatting, overhead lifting, and creating spinal stiffness.

The weekend was a two-day, internal event for the coaching staff at OCF to add to their skill set. One of the other guest instructors (there were 4 of us total) was Rupert Egan. Rupert is a gymnastics coach and also works with Power Monkey Fitness.

Rupert discussed gymnastics drills and coaching during his time-slot at OCF and showed a great wrist flow and warm up that he uses with athletes to work on their wrist mobility, strength, and positional tolerance.

As soon as I saw it, I had to get him on Movement Fix Monday so you all could benefit from it and incorporate it into either your own workouts or with the athletes/patients you work with.

I love simple, easy flows that provide a lot of benefit. The wrist warm up and mobility flow that Rupert shows us in this video perfectly fits into that category!

The flow he shows in the video is 6-8 reps of each movement in each position. Please go to your own tolerance and ability levels and build up strength over time.

Make sure to follow Rupert on Instagram @Rupert.Egan. He consistently posts great things on there!

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