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On episode 25 of TMF Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Quinn Henoch, founder of Clinical Athlete.

Quinn has been on TMF podcast twice before (time 1, time 2). So much has changed and progressed since Quinn was last on the show.

In this episode of the podcast, Quinn and I discuss:

  • Quinn's wrist injury and how he rehabbed it
  • How and why you should continue training even when you have an injury
  • Progressive loading strategies
  • Graded exposure to a previously painful position
  • The follow up to Quinn's jefferson curl experiment
  • Shoulder positioning in the snatch: let the shoulders lock down and back or press up?
  • Does it matter if the shoulder joint is internally rotated in an overhead squat?
  • Is 'shrug' a good cue?
  • Why you need upper traps to be working in overhead lifts
  • and MUCH more

Show Notes

Clinical athlete weightlifting seminar:
Clinical athlete website:
Clinical athlete on facebook
Clinical athlete on Instagram & Twitter: @clinicalathlete

Our video on 'reaching' in overhead lifts:

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