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It has been quite some time since the last podcast, 3 months to be exact. Honestly, I can't believe it has been three months!

Why have the episodes not been posted you may ask? Well, as you may have noticed, the website has been completely remade. One of the reasons we re-made the website is because the podcast feed got messed up and I couldn't post new episodes. That is the problem with using random web developers of the course of 2 years. It gets messy.

But here we are, on Episode 26 with Dr. Dan Pope from Fitness Pain Free.

Dan is a physical therapist out of Denver, CO and also teaches at the Power Monkey Camp. He is also someone I consider a good friend, a great speaker, and a hell of a mover. I swear Dan can do every cool thing you'd wanna do. He is a great olympic lifter, has solid gymnastic skills, and can grow out one hell of a head of hair.

In this episode:

  • Kipping pull ups - are they bad for the shoulder?
  • Why do toes to bar cause shoulder pain?
  • Inside Power Monkey Camp
  • Should you train to do more work or train for muscle fatigue?
  • Does it always make sense to do a movement the most efficient way possible?
  • Posterior shoulder impingement
  • Painful and pinchy front of the hips in a squat
  • and MUCH more

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Show notes: