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30 Podcast episodes sure came fast! On Ep. 30, I am joined by Dr. John Rusin. We actually recorded this episode while I was at his house in Madison, WI. I was there several weeks ago to film videos for Bulletproof Muscle. After a long week of filming and writing, we hung out in his basement (which is not what you think of when you think basement. It's more like home theatre and hangout area) to record a casual conversation.

There were no notes or preparation for this podcast. We just wanted to sit down, relax, and record a conversation we would have had anyways, except we were recording it.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • How causes muscle growth (hypertrophy)?
  • What are the benefits of 'feel based' movements?
  • The importance of accentuated eccentrics
  • How and why muscle hypertrophy should be incorporated into rehab for athletes
  • Overloading joints vs overloading muscle
  • and tons more

I hope you guys enjoy this episode!

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