Fixing the BIGGEST Mistake in Lunging

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Fixing the BIGGEST Mistake in Lunging | Week 36 | Movement Fix Monday

The "What"

The biggest mistake in lunging is repetitive extension cycles through the lumbar spine. Day in and day out when I analyze people lunging, I will see this disconnection of the rib cage from the pelvis. This is both inefficient and can lead to extension based back pain.

What you'll see with this person is when they come up out of the lunge, they arch the lower back and lean backwards. This error is usually magnified during a front rack lunge due to the position of the load, so you'll want to pay extra attention in those cases

The "Why"

Typically this happens because of disengagement of the anterior chain musculature during hip extension.

What this means is that the athlete isn't coordinating their movement well. When they express power with their hip (pressing up out of the lunge), they don't time that correctly with contraction of the abdominal muscles to transfer the power through their torso to move their body or weight upward.

The "How"

I like when things are easy and I prefer not to over-complicate drills if I don't need to.

Sometimes a person just has to be cued to correctly hold their rib cage down or create abdominal tension while lunging and this problem gets self corrected and just needs to solidify into a movement habit.

Other times, the athlete needs to be cued with a band. What I do in this case is use a band to create a vector that pulls the athlete into extension in order to cue them to create a flexion moment against it.

This can easily be achieved with jump stretch bands or crossover symmetry bands.

I will use the band exercise as much as necessary but as little as required to teach the athlete how to create the tension I am looking for.

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- Ryan

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