Fixing Two Common Deadlift Errors

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Fixing Two Common Deadlift Errors | Week 33 | Movement Fix Monday

The "What"

This week we are examining two common deadlift errors and how to fix them. These errors are common in people just learning to deadlift and even are common in those who have been deadlifting for quite some time.

The errors are:

  1. Allowing the bar to drift away from the body
  2. An early knee bend causing the bar to have to go around the knees

The "Why"

Bar path in deadlifting is very important for safety and efficiency. As the bar moves away from the body, the deadlift becomes less efficient as well as increases the load on the low back unnecessarily.

Many people develop anterior knee pain when they have a strange knee bending pattern in deadlifting and other lifts. They rely too heavily on the anterior chain instead of the posterior chain in this lift, and surprise surprise, issues arise on the anterior chain side of things, usually on the infrapatellar tendon/ligament.

The "How"

The two drills we are using to correct these errors are:

  1. Deadlifting a dowel with a band to cue pulling the bar close to the body and getting lat engagement
  2. Deadlifting a dowel with an open hand to teach an athlete to keep the bar close to the body and how the knees need to stay out of the way

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- Ryan

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