Front Rack Isometric Shoulder Drill

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Front Rack Isometric Drill  | Week 52 | Movement Fix Monday

This week on Movement Fix Monday, I want to share with you guys a great way to improve your shoulder external rotation mobility and endurance so that you can get into a more comfortable and supported front rack position.

There is good research showing that if you completely fatigue out the shoulder external rotators,  you get less than optimal shoulder girdle mechanics as a result, with some loss of shoulder rotation. Here is an abstract of such an article.

You can find a ton of stretches for shoulder external rotation to improve a front rack, but no stretch addresses the motor control aspect of the movement as well as the endurance that may be required. With the drill shown in this video, you are not only teaching your brain how to create that motion while in slight shoulder flexion, you are building some endurance in the shoulder muscles as well.

I am much more a fan or you creating the range of motion you want vs relying on some apparatus to stretch you out.

There are many moving parts to a good front rack position and shoulder external rotation is just one. An important one, but just one. The upper back, elbow, wrist, and coordination have to be addressed as well. For now, enjoy this drill and I will bring all the pieces together in a mega-post sometime in the near future.

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