Gait Analysis on a TrueForm Runner

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Gait Analysis on a TrueForm Runner | Ep. 117 | Movement Fix Monday

This week, Chris Johnson analyzes my running gait on a TrueForm runner.

I asked Chris ahead of time if he had any useful resources for those who want to know more about running. I persuaded him to give out his Return to Running Program and his Runner's Evaluation Form (for're welcome)... All you have to do is enter your email address in the box below and they will be sent right over.

With a TrueForm runner, you will naturally have more of a forefoot or midfoot strike due to the design and shape of the treadmill.

Heel striking isn't bad, it is one strategy for running. Different tissues are loaded with a heel strike moreso than with a midfoot or forefoot strike.

The more forefoot/midfoot you are, the more you will be loading the achilles and calf. This can be good or it can be bad. If someone has a calf strain, it wouldn't be ideal.

Rather than demonize one strike pattern over another, we should consider them as different ways to run that can be used strategically to load different tissues.

Chris simplifies gait analysis by using the 8s's:

Step rate
Swing (arm and leg)

By going through these 8 s's, you can go follow a checklist when watching someone run and make it a standardized process (which makes it so much easier)

As mentioned in the video, Chris and I will be going head to head in a series of 3 races: 1 mile, 400m, 100m.

Chris will obviously destroy me in the 1 mile and 400m, but the 100m? That is up for bets right now.

When the time for the race rolls around, we will get the word out.

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