General Lower Body Warm Up

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General Lower Body Warm Up | Week 47 | Movement Fix Monday

This week I want to share with you guys a general lower body warm up I use frequently in my training.

The general warm up is as follows:

3-5 rounds

  • 10 reps loaded adductor stretch
  • 10 reps lateral lunge
  • 10 reps hip flexor stretch each leg

This warm up is great when you have any workout that includes lower body movements, which is probably a large proportion of most functional training workouts. Before getting into this lower body warm up, you may want to add in some jump roping, airdyne bike, etc, to increase body temperature.

After the general warm up, I would then start getting into more specific warm up movements. For example, if there was snatching, I would do this general warm up and then start putting in some more specific warm up drills for the snatch. If there was running, I would do the general warm up and then running specific drills, like lateral toe tapsmarching, or my 5 minute dynamic running warm up. 

Next time you are in need of a lower body warm up for your own programming or the programming at your gym, this is a great series.

If you are a clinician, these are also easy drills to implement with patients that have back pain to learn how to move at their hips instead of their spine.

Thanks for reading!


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