Shoulder Mobility Program

Improve your shoulder mobility with self-performed soft tissue work, active stretching, body control work, and loaded range of motion exercises

Created by Ryan DeBell, MS, DC

Length: 12 Weeks
Session Duration: 10-15 minutes

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Decreasing stiffness and improving range of motion is much more than just stretching

Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do to improve the range of motion of your shoulders was to perform basic pec and lat stretches?

You're probably reading this because you know it's not - it may temporarily improve range of motion and decrease tightness, but it doesn't solve it permanently.

Every stretch, mobilization, and joint mobility drill is on YouTube or Instagram for free.

The problem isn't access to drills, stretches, exercises, tips, and hacks.

The problem is knowing what to do, doing it consistently, and following a structured plan to get you there.

That is why I built this program.

The shoulder is is the most mobile joint in the human body

The most mobile joint in the human body is your shoulder - so why do we all want more shoulder mobility?

There are multiple reasons this is the case.

First, your shoulder doesn't act alone, it is one joint in a series of joints that allow your hand to get into a certain position. What we really mean when we say shoulder mobility is our ability to get our hand somewhere in space.

The shoulder joint is where your humerus (upper arm bone) connects with your shoulder blade (scapula). The socket of your shoulder is on your scapula and your scapula can move along your rib cage.

Because your scapula can move along your rib cage and your rib cage is attached to your upper/mid back (thoracic spine), the mobility of your thoracic spine is the real root of the shoulder.

If you cannot move your upper back well, you will have less than optimal ability to position your shoulder blade, and you will then have less ability to position your shoulder joint, and that is expressed as your ability to reach something with your hand.

Simply stretching your lats or pecs doesn't take into account how it all works together. That may be one piece to a bigger puzzle.

Since the shoulder joint itself is the most mobile part of that system, it actually needs good muscular support and control from your rotator cuff (which is made up of four muscles) to be controlled well.

That is why in this program, it is more than just stretching. A shoulder mobility program must include specific exercises to help you control the shoulder joint well and optimize everything in the chain.

My name is Dr. DeBell


I’ve spent over a decade studying the complexities of the human body to figure out the best ways to move to prevent injury, maintain and improve your range of motion, improve your positioning, and increase your physical longevity.

I started bodybuilding when I was twelve years old. I loved learning about how different exercises and movements affected different parts of my body.

When I was older, I went to chiropractic school and graduated summa cum laude because I truly could not get enough of this stuff.

In fact, while getting my doctorate, I also earned a Master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science. 

You see, our body is the only home we have…we literally live in our I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than to figure out how to keep that home as clean and comfortable as possible.

I have had the incredible opportunity to travel the world and teach thousands of athletes, coaches, trainers, and clinicians all about the human body - this has also allowed me to see where people struggle the most.

One area I heard about over and over again was shoulder mobility - also something I dealt with daily in my clinic.

This program is a culmination of working with thousands of clients directly and teaching thousands of professionals about movement and the shoulder.

I've poured through tons of research, textbooks, and have interviewed experts in a variety of fields about the shoulder on Movement Fix Podcast.

I created this program to simplify the complicated and make an actionable plan for anyone who wants to take control over their own body.

Why does just stretching not work?

The human body is complex and made up of multiple intertwined systems.

First, you have the skeletal system - this is the foundation - and you won't do much to change this except with loaded exercise over time you can increase the density (this is another conversation another time).

The second system to consider is the muscular system - this is where people are overly focused when dealing with mobility issues and stiffness. When your muscles contract, they pull on your bones and create motion at your joints.

Limited range of motion and tightness is too often blamed on the muscle, which leads to the overly simplistic approach of 'just do stretches and do them more'.

The reason this doesn't work is because your muscles don't act alone, they are controlled the third system we need to talk about - your nervous system.

If a mobility or 'stretching program' doesn't address the nervous system, you'll be stretching on and on and wondering why there is no lasting change.

So the question you are probably asking is how do you address the nervous system?

[there are many other systems in your body - digestive, circulatory, immune, lymphatic, etc - they are important, but not for the purposes of this program and these issues]

How you address the nervous system - the basis for this program

Our Shoulder Mobility Program, by design, addresses the nervous system to create lasting change to the way you move, your range of motion, and getting rid of tightness.

The program is structured like this...each day consists of:

  • Self-performed soft tissue work
    • This decreases muscle tone by stimulating nerve endings in the skin and in the muscle to get the nervous system to relax the muscles a little bit - this creates a window of opportunity to work your joints through a larger range of motion
  • Active stretching

    • This takes your joints, either unloaded or lightly loaded, through your available range of motion under your own control to teach you all the positions and the depth of those positions you can access
  • Loaded range of motion and/or basic strengthening exercises

    • The most often neglected component. This is key to making lasting change. You did the above two steps to create a window of opportunity to learn how, under load, to control your new positions. The nervous system will shut down range of motion it doesn't think you can control. So by consciously loading through a range of motion and/or increasing strength around the joints, your brain senses safety and will allow you to access these ranges of motion

The real art is how do you combine all of these elements into a simple to follow and implement program...

Our program consists of four different types of days:

1. Extension focus
This day focuses on your biceps and pectoralis muscle flexibility, scapular retraction, shoulder joint extension mobility, and control of the shoulder extension and scapular retraction pattern.

2. Flexion focus
This day focuses on your latissimus dorsi and teres major flexibility, upward rotation and external rotation of your shoulder blade, shoulder flexion, and controlling the pattern of pressing and overhead pressing.

3. Rotation focus
This day focuses on thoracic spine rotation, shoulder joint rotation range of motion, and rotator cuff strengthening.

4. Diagonal focus
This day focuses on flexibility of your latissmis dorsi, teres major, middle trapezius strengthening, lower trapezius strengthening, diagonal pattern control.

Throughout the program, the exercises and stretches change for each day type, to help you make real and lasting changes.

There is nothing wrong with all the tutorial videos on YouTube or Instagram, I make a ton of them.

They will just never replace the effectiveness of a specific program with a specific goal.

What our customers say about this program:

Here's what you'll get:

  • 12 weeks of proven training
  • Video demonstrations and tutorials to show you how to do all the movements
  • Clarity of what to do, when, and how
  • Confidence you are doing the right things for your body


Here's what you'll need:

  • Monster Bands #1 or #2 (click here for details)
  • TheraBand (click here for details)
  • Lacrosse ball or tennis ball
  • Foam Roller
  • Small weights, from 2.5-5lbs

My Promise to You

I want you to use and benefit from this program.

It's normally $97...but from now through Cyber Monday it is just $58.

That's literally less than getting one massage or one training session.

But my promise to you is this:
After you buy the program, if you aren't happy that you bought it and getting the benefit you hoped for, just contact us and we will refund you the full purchase price, no questions asked.

If you want to take a look inside before you buy it, we put together a free sample for you that you can download.


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30-day Money Back Guarantee
See Inside - Download a free sample

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a program?

You don’t… unless you want a clear plan with a clear goal.

There are many free resources on the internet, including our YouTube channel.

However, a structured program with a clear goal will always be superior to individually selected videos.

This all sounds great, but can I see a sample?

Absolutely, you can download a free sample.

What makes your programming so good?

This is literally what I have dedicated my life to.

I have years of formal education, but more importantly years of practical use of this material both on a 1 on 1 basis with patients/clients and with thousands of trainers, coaches, clinicians, and athletes who have attended my live workshops.

The data points we have collected from all of those experiences has allowed me to refine my approach.

Not to mention, I built this program with myself in mind. When I made it I framed it as 'how do I build the best program for myself'.

I don’t belong to a gym, can I still do this?

Absolutely! This program has helped people who workout at home, people who travel for work, and people who want to want to mix up gym and home workouts.

All you need is the following equipment:

  • Monster Bands #1 or #2 (click here for details)
  • TheraBand (click here for details)
  • Lacrosse ball or tennis ball
  • Foam Roller
  • Small weights, from 2.5-5lbs


What happens if I need help?

We’re here for you! Reach out to [email protected] with any questions and we’ll get back to you shortly.

What makes you qualified to help me?

I have a doctorate in chiropractic and a Master’s in Sports and Medicine.

Additionally, I’ve traveled around the world teaching this information to thousands of people.

I have also worked with experts in a variety of fields and spoken to them in depth; many of these conversations are available on Movement Fix Podcast.

I have an injury, will this program help me?

This is tricky.

A lot of the movements and stretches in this program have helped people, but always refer to a doctor’s advice and never train into pain. Listen to your body… if it hurts, stop.

This program was not built to treat injuries.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If you don't love the program after 30 days, contact us.

I want you to either love this program or get your money back.


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