Shoulder Health & Mobility Program

12-week shoulder mobility program to improve your range of motion

Written by Ryan DeBell, MS, DC

What You Get

12-Week Training PDF

Full Lifetime Access

31 Custom Video Tutorials

Built in Training Notes

Accessible on any Device

Progress Tracking


Includes :

  • 12-Week Training PDF
  • 31 Custom Video Tutorials
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Accessible on any Device
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Includes :

  • 12-Week Training PDF
  • 31 Custom Video Tutorials
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Accessible on any Device

What You Get

12-Week Training PDF

Full Lifetime Access

31 Custom Video Tutorials

Built in Training Notes

Accessible on any Device

Progress Tracking

What this Program Will Do for You

  • Improve shoulder range of motion
  • Build shoulder and upper back strength
  • Strengthen your rotator cuff
  • Achieve better positions in overhead lifting, pull ups, overhead exercises
  • Loosen your stiff upper back
  • Relieve neck and upper back tension

How is This Program Different?

Our mobility programs use the Three T System: Teach, Train, Transform

Each exercise in this program includes a demonstration video and an instructional video teaching you the exercises. That is the teaching component.

The program is built to train with consistency. The exercises aren't randomly selected and written. The program progresses in reps, sets, and exercise difficulty to properly train your body.

Transformation, be it in range of motion, strength, general sense of feeling good, is achieved when consistency is applied to good training done with teaching at the forefront.

Movement Fix is dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want with those three T's leading the way. The site is dedicated to helping you master your body.

How the Training is Structured

4 days per week

Integrated stretching, mobility, and strength work

12 weeks total

Progressively more challenging over the 12 weeks

10-15 minutes per session

Can be done almost anywhere

Our Approach

Our program goes takes into account all the directions the shoulder can move:
Flexion (lifting overhead), extension (arm going behind you), rotation (internal and external), abduction (arms going out to you sides) and adduction (bringing your arms toward your body).

Each of these motions of the shoulder is taken into account throughout the program.

Additionally, we focus on strengthening the upper back, mobilizing the lats and pecs, improving thoracic spine motion, and building strength in the rotator cuff.

The Days Contain More than just Stretches
Each day in the program consists of multiple parts: foam rolling/self massage, stretching/mobility work, strengthening exercises.

Any program that doesn't include all of these components is missing an important piece of the puzzle.

Our program blends all of those components with the different planes of motion the shoulder can move in.

Equipment Needed

  • Variety of dumbbells or kettlebells
  • Weight Bench

Who Should Use this Program:

  • If you want a structured plan to improve your shoulder mobility
  • If you have shoulder tightness or range of motion issues you want to improve
  • If you own a gym and want to add in extra shoulder work for your class, you can
    directly use the programming
  • If you want a mobility and movement plan for your shoulders you can use in your daily routine

Who Shouldn't Use this Program:

  • If you have a shoulder injury, get it examined by a medical professional. This program is not designed to replace a proper evaluation of an injury
  • If you aren't committed to putting in the work

How the Program is Delivered

This is a digital program. After you purchase the program, you will receive an e-mail with a download link from the program. You will also have an account made for you on the site where you can login and download your programs.

The program itself is a 12-week training program e-book with video demonstrations and video instructions for all exercises in the program.

Within the program, you are linked directly to the video demonstrations, you can record days completed, and add training notes directly in the program on a phone, computer, or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for me?

Since this is an accessory training program, it can be used alongside any other exercise you may currently be doing.

You don’t need to follow one particular type of training methodology to benefit from using this program.

It’s also suitable for those who want to improve their shoulders but aren’t currently following another exercise program.

How do I Receive the Training Program?

Upon purchase, you will receive an e-mail with a download link to the program.

It can be printed out, used on a computer, or on a mobile device.

For best use, we recommended using the Adobe Acrobat app on a mobile device for viewing the program and recording training notes.

Tell me more about the training

Each week consists of four training days, each of which lasts 10-20 minutes.

Exercises range from stretches, to self-myofascial release, to strengthening exercises.

The exercises and reps vary over the 12-weeks to build strength and range of motion in the right places.

What Equipment do I need?

A membership at a standard gym should have you covered.

The following list is the required euipment:

  • Foam roller
  • Lacrosse ball or tennis ball
  • A variety of jump stretch bands/monster bands
  • TheraBand or Movement Fix Band
  • Small weights, roughly 2-5lbs
  • A place to anchor bands

Although not required, we recommend having:

  • Additional dumbbells of various weights
  • Weight Bench

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