How to Perform the 90/90 Hip Stretch

How to Perform the 90/90 Hip Stretch

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The Setup

This is what people have the hardest time with: the set up.

Getting into the position correctly is critical to doing this stretch well. You can use an easy method to make sure you are doing it correctly for yourself or those you work with.

Use the three point method to set up.

infraspinatus muscle anatomy

The Three Point Method

Imagine or create a straight line on the ground.

Place the following three points on the line:

  1. Inside of one knee
  2. Inside of ankle on that same leg
  3. Outside of ankle on the other leg

Make sure your knees, ankles, and hips are all bent around 90 degrees.

You are now in the starting position.

How to Perform the 90/90 Stretch

Now that you are in the starting position, there are two main positions we are going to try to get into:

  1. Forward position
  2. Backward position
infraspinatus muscle anatomy

To get into the forward position, imagine someone pulling you by the shirt straight forward over your shin.

Keeping your back tight, bring your chest forward over your shin.

If you let your back round, you are not getting into your hip as well as you could.

After finishing whatever stretching method you are using in this position, go to the backward position.

infraspinatus muscle anatomy

To get into the backward position, lean your torso backward a little bit, try to twist through the back leg hip, and get your hand on the ground.

Try to avoid twisting a lot through your spine. The majority of the motion should be in your hip.

Sometimes people have knee discomfort with this on the inside of the knee. Try pressing your knee actively into the ground. This helps many people feel good in the stretch.

Many people also can’t get their hand to the ground. If this is the case, using something like a chair or medicine ball to place that hand on. This typically helps people relax farther into the stretch.

Ways to Use this Stretch

This stretch can work great for many uses.

For example, you can use it to prepare your hips for squatting or in your daily movement maintenance practice

The methods can vary, too.

Typically there are three ways we like to recommend stretches be done (in no order):

  1. As reps
  2. As a relaxation technique (relaxing and breathing deeply into the stretch
  3. As a contract/relax nervous system technique

All of these are techniques are fine to use for this stretch as long as there is no pain.

There should never be pain or pinching with this stretch.


Need more hip and low back mobility? Start with Day 1 of our Hip/Low Back Mobility Program for free:

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