Exogenous ketone supplements have gotten extremely popular lately with high performers like Tim Ferriss posting non-stop about all the benefits they offer, so I decided to give it a try as a self-experiment.

Man I am glad I did. I was a bit skeptical at first because of all the hype, but I really felt the difference it made for me.

As with most guys in my generation, I’ve take tons of different supplements trying to find the perfect shortcut, putting all kinds of weird stuff into my body. Then I realized how ridiculous that was and stopped taking most supplements. Needless to say I was a little hesitant to try this stuff because I have pretty much only been taking protein, greens, and pre-workout sometimes (pretty basic and well-established supplements).

But with a bunch of my friends and people I follow talking about the benefits of a ketogenic diet (or ketosis) I thought it would be worth giving it a shot.

The reason I wasn’t turned off by exogenous ketones (and the reason for taking it actually makes sense to me) is that ketosis is a completely natural metabolic state your body goes into in the absence of carbohydrates. Instead of burning sugar for primary energy, your body starts burning the breakdown of fat (or ketones) as your primary energy source.

The reason I really wanted to try them is that ketones are a far preferred energy source to your brain than glucose or carbs, but getting into ketosis can be miserable and I want to continue to eat carbs for the working out I do.

Exogenous ketones are basically supplemental ketones. When you take them, your body immediately starts using ketones for energy just like you would if you were in a deep state of ketosis. This means no crash diets, no low carb craziness; I can just have the benefits of ketosis whenever I want.

The exogenous ketone product I have been using is Perfect Keto and not only does it taste way better than I thought it would, it has been working incredibly well (peaches and cream is my favorite of the two flavors).

I have been having a scoop in the morning with my coffee and the amount of focus and mental clarity I’ve been able to have has been incredible. What I noticed most was that about 30 minutes after taking it I felt like the fog lifted in my brain and I could think really clearly.

Perfect Keto has an article about the mental benefits of ketosis that is helpful for more info.

In the last two weeks taking this product (along with using my Daily Domination Journal, of course) I’ve been able to get tons of work done that I felt like had been piling up since I was able to focus more clearly. I also was brainstorming and though up several new things that I will be talking about in the next month or two.

I know these products can be used for a lot of other things like helping you get into ketosis and staying there, for exercise performance (especially endurance training), and for fat loss, but for me, I’m using primarily for mental focus and work output (and it's definitely working from my experience so far).

My Test

I did a test on my own blood values before and after taking the exogenous ketones to directly measure the blood chemistry changes.

This first photo is after fasting overnight:


As you can see, fasting my blood glucose was 90 mg/dL and my ketone level was 0.3 mmol

Then I took the Peaches and Cream (my favorite flavor) and re-checked 30 minutes later:


After the 30 minutes, my blood glucose remained constant at 90 mg/dL, but the ketones elevated to 0.8 mmol.

In comparison, my friend tested this and here are his results in the same time frame:


His baseline was blood glucose 85 mg/dL and his ketone levels were 0.6 mmol

Then we tested it 30 minutes later:


His glucose went up to 88 mg/dL and his ketones elevated to 1.1 mmol.

Each person will respond slightly differently to taking supplements, but it is really cool to measure the actual blood values and correlate that to how you feel.

Because I love them so much, I reached out to Perfect Keto and asked them for a coupon code for TMF readers and they were generous enough to give you all 20% off.

Just head over to Perfect Keto and use code TMF20 for 20% off your ketones.

Do you have any experience with ketone products or ketosis in general? Would love to hear about it in the comments!