Improve Your Split Stance

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Improve Your Split Stance | Week 19 | Movement Fix Monday

The split stance is an interesting position. We see it primarily in running and in the split jerk and try to work on it pretty aggressively a lot of the times. The most common way people typically work on getting into a more solid split stance position is by rolling out their quads or passively stretching their hip flexors.

I am going to propose thinking about how to work on it a bit differently. Instead of using a passive drill to correct an active position, why not use an active drill to prepare you for an active position? You should want not only good range of motion, but also the ability to firmly hold and maintain that range of motion.

The drill I show in the video is getting into a lightly challenging split stance position and learning how to create muscular tension there while becoming comfortable. The goal is to get deeper and deeper into this position and maintain the ability to hold it actively while your spine stays neutral. We don't need your low back getting cranked on when the hips are where we want the motion to be.

I don't recommend trying to hold this position for minutes at a time, especially when you are new to doing it. Start with a 10 second hold and repeat that a few times. If you feel like your legs are about to rip off your body, you're going to aggressively. Build up your tolerance over time and you will develop flexibility to be in this position as well as the strength to keep it. Now when you go to run or split jerk, your brain knows what that joint position means, how to control it, and how to be strong in it.



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