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The Movement Fix Podcast: Episode 1

Here it is! The inaugural Movement Fix Podcast. Episode 1 features Dr. Phillip Snell out of Portland, OR. Dr. Snell is a man that I have learned a tremendous amount of extremely useful information from. He is one of only a handful of people I have listed in my note packet (that accompanies The Movement Fix Workshops) that has greatly influenced me, how I practice, and what I teach to athletes and coaches. I am not sure how Dr. Snell reads as much research as he does while simultaneously running several websites, teaching seminars, and practicing full time as a chiropractor, but he does and is simultaneously very generous with his time.

Here is an outline of what is covered in Episode 1

1:45 – What Led Dr. Snell on his mission to master the low back?

4:00 – Dr. DeBell’s experience with personal low back pain

5:35 – Thoraco-pelvic canister

7:05 – Situps. Worth doing?

8:30 – What is a strong core?

17:45 – What is happening in the lumbar spine during a situp?

20:15 – What is the carryover of a situp to the real world?

22:50 – Differences in training muscles vs other tissues (ligaments, etc)

27:30 – How often is a disc a culprit in low back pain?

32:10 – Quick trick to test what kind of low back pain you may have

34:05 – What can/should you when your back feels tight after lifting?

40:00 – Spinal hinging and low back pain

43:00 – A spine that is as mobile as possible or stable as possible?

47:00 – More on Fixyourownback.com

51:20 – Clinical companion course

1:00:00 – Toes to bar and compression of the low back


Here are the links Dr. Snell referred to:

Make sure to check out our article on the 4 exercises your low back is better without and also how to improve hip mobility during toes to bar to spare the low back.


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