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TMF Podcast: Episode 2 - Featuring Jeff Tucker

Episode 2 of The Movement Fix Podcast is here and it features Jeff Tucker, CrossFit® Gymnastics Subject Matter Expert. We discuss the CrossFit® Games, muscle up progressions, kipping pull ups, kipping handstand push ups, neck pain, and more! Jeff Tucker is not a man who is afraid to speak his mind, which makes him a great source of information because he won't sugar coat things, but will give his honest and fair opinion. If you do gymnastics or do CrossFit®, this is definitely worth listening to.

Here is an outline of what is covered in Episode 2

1:55 – How have you seen gymnastics change at the crossfit games?
5:00 – Could we see front & back levers or the iron cross in a competition? How could it be judged?
8:50 – What does Tucker think of kipping handstand pushups?
14:00 – Is crossfit dangerous, especially compared to other sports on ESPN? How is strength vs kipping involved?
16:00 – Don’t go beyond your body’s capacity
23:30 – The Advanced CrossFit® Gymnastics course, what’s it all about?
31:40 – Training gymnastics can help with barbell lifts?
35:30 – How do you make your back look like it was chiseled out of stone by Michelangelo?
36:20 – The butterfly pullup
40:10 – Which athlete body type is better at a kipping vs butterfly pull up?
43:50 – False grip vs standard grip in muscle ups
48:35 – Does Tucker require a strict muscle up before a kipping muscle up for his athletes?
51:40 – How does someone know when it’s time to attempt kipping muscle ups?
55:15 – You don’t go out and just DO a muscle up, you earn it
59:40 – Try “Angie” strict
1:03:10 – 2014 was the best games so far

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