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In this episode of The Movement Fix Podcast

Ryan Moody joins us to talk about The X WOD, the explosive seminar, his history with jumping, box jumps, explosive training, and much more.

When we think plyometrics, do we only think about box jumps? Ryan Moody thinks about more than just box jumps. There are a ton of ways to do plyometrics both for the upper body and the lower body. Not every plyometric is the same. Best of all, these different types serve different purposes. There are ways to train with this method for the lower body AND upper body. Have you ever considered that?

One topic we talk a bit about in this episode is how we USE box jumps. A lot of times we are using box jumps in a CrossFit® workout as an endurance training tool instead of an actual plyometric tool. There is a lot of research and science behind the effect of plyometrics and we haven't been guided by that. If you do more than say, 20, box jumps in a workout, you are most likely not using it as a plyometric tool, but an endurance tool. There is a big issue with this that we go over in the podcast.

Ryan Moody currently holds 9 world records for various jumping feats. He is an animal. He has been on over 400 airplanes in the last 18 months (crazy!). He travels the world teaching people how to become more explosive, utilize plyometrics effectively, and avoid injury while using plyometric tools.

It is a great pleasure that Ryan Moody and I are both contributing content for the 2014 Lurong Living Paleo challenge, the world's largest paleo challenge. He will be contributing workout tips and I will be contributing warmup routines to improve performance.

Make sure to check out thexwod.com and upcoming Explosive Seminars to learn Ryan's secrets to jumping and explosive success.


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