69 - The Backstory of How Mike Boyle became Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle (@michael_boyle1959 on IG) is legendary, but I had never heard the backstory of his life and career. It fascinates me to know what was the path well-known coaches, trainers, PTs, business people, etc took to get to where they are now. I was in Boston a few...

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65 - Simplifying Treatment; w/ Jason Shane

In this Episode Jason Shane from Shane Physiotherapy joins me to discuss the need for simplifying treatment (and simplifying mostly everything else, too). Subscribe to The Movement Fix Podcast     Enjoy!...

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60 - Conscious Coaching; w/ Brett Bartholomew

In this Episode Brett Bartholomew, author of Conscious Coaching, joins me to discuss: Different athlete/client profiles Why you should be developing your 'soft skills' The importance of psychology when dealing with athletes The process of writing a book in the...

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