58 - Training Green Berets; w/ Hunter Schurrer

A little about Hunter Schurrer Hunter has a master's degree in exercise physiology. He has been a college strength coach for many years and currently works for Exos training Green Berets at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. He has previously presented at NSCA conferences on...

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56 - Creating Clinic/Gym Culture; w/ Sean Masters

A little about Sean Masters Sean is the co-founder of Kinetic Sports Rehab in Seattle, WA. They started in 2010 and have quickly grown to a team of more than 30. Kinetic recently received 3rd place in Seattle Businesses 'Best Small Businesses to work for in...

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55 - Blood Flow Restriction Training; w/ Dr. Mario Novo

A little about Dr. Mario Novo Mario is a doctor of physical therapy out of Nashville, TN where he works in private practice out of several gyms. Additionally, he works with Owens Recovery Science educating clinicians on the proper use of blood flow restriction (BFR)...

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45 - The Story of My Low Back Pain and What I Did About It

        This episode of the podcast is a little more personal, but I felt I needed to share it because it may help someone out there either working with a client / patient or may help you directly. The episode this week is the story of my own low back pain that I...

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