Warm Up and Prep for 'Murph'

On Memorial Day, in honor of all those who gave their lives in serving the country, we perform the workout 'Murph', named Michael Murphy.

To prepare physically for this grueling workout, I put together the following warm up and prep:

First (ideally)
Walk 5-10 mins

Second: perform 3-5 rounds of:
Light jog 30 seconds
2 hamstring stretches
2 hip stretches
2 lunge stretches

Third: perform 1 round
5 Lateral Lunges Each Side
Straight arm banded pull down 10 reps
1 Small set of pull ups, 3-5 reps

*If you need more square and shoulder prep, repeat the last part of the warm up 3-5x

Hope this helps you out on Monday.

- Ryan