My Nightly "Stretch" Routine

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My Nightly "Stretch" Routine | Week 20 | Movement Fix Monday

This week on Movement Fix Monday, I am showing you guys what I do as my nightly "stretch" routine. I put stretch in quotations because I use that term loosely. It isn't just stretching, it's moving, taking joints to end ranges, etc.

A month or so ago, a reader e-mailed me asking what I do at night for my movement. I made a video last year about my morning movement routine, which you can find here.

The things I do in this video are:

  • Straight leg raise with ankle circles
  • Cat/camel with thoracic extension bias
  • Supine shoulder flexion trying to control my ribs

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you will notice there are very common themes in the things that I do. I don't have 500 ways to stretch each area of the body. I think that's unnecessary. How many ways do you need to stretch before you just choose 1 and do it regularly enough that you start to reap the benefits?

How many different exercises do you need to put together a good exercise routine? I think when we consider movement training, we want so much variety rather than just doing the things we need to do.


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