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Negative Muscle Ups for Better Transitions | Ep. 118 | Movement Fix Monday

Want to see a video that isn't sexy (aka un-sexy) at all but is highly useful? Watch this week's.

Wes and I made a series of videos together this past weekend when I was in Boston that we should really call the Un-Sexy Video Series on Improving Positions Using Isometrics and Eccentrics. 

I am sure everyone would rather see a video titled '5 tricks to get your first muscle up' or '3 secret methods to make your muscle ups better'.

This isn't a video like that. This is a video on how to develop strength throughout the entire movement using the negative muscle up. So un-sexy.

We need less tricks and more focus on development of fundamental strength, body awareness, and skill.

Getting weak people to kip up into a muscle up without ever having developed the strength (both of muscle and connective tissue) will lead to short term excitement but long term problems. 

Imagine if we took all the time people worked on attempting to get a muscle up and used that instead as training time to develop strength using specific drills. Everyone would be wayyyyy better off.

This is the first in a series of un-sexy videos that Wes and I made on using negatives and isometrics to improve body awareness, strength, and control of positions.


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