The Why

I began video blogging 134 weeks ago as a way to share information that I felt needed to be shared. I created things I felt needed to be created containing valuable information for people.

There was never a script or an agenda. I didn't do fancy keyword research on the internet to see what would be popular. I purposefully tried NOT to follow other bloggers so that my videos came from my brain and would be useful and not regurgitated information.

After 134 episodes I believe I have gotten to a point where I've made all the Movement Fix videos that I feel need to be made.

If I were to continue making more, it wouldn't be because the videos needed to be made to get good information out there, it would compelled by a feeling of having to make videos.

That ultimately leads to videos being made that aren't actually helpful, but are selfishly created to promote a blog.

With the rise of social media, instagram videos, and the like, there has been a huge decrease in the creation of quality content for the sake of gaining followers and I would rather stop blogging entirely before contributing to what I consider a mess.

It's like we all forgot that making content should actually be useful rather than contributing to the noise and subsequent confusion.

How many drills does one need to stretch the hamstrings? How many weird banded stretches actually need to exist?

The basics are the basics and we should be doubling down on the basics.

Things are way too confusing. People are being led to find quick fixes in lieu of putting in hard work. I refuse to make quick fix videos that contain novel but utterly useless drills for the sake of content creation.

This is where my transition comes in.

There's no way I am going to stop putting out content. I am changing gears, not stopping driving the car.

Here is what the next phase of TMF will look like.

What I Am Doing Instead of Vids

More Podcasting

I plan to release 1 to 2 podcasts per week in two formats.

Format 1: Interview style, like most episodes so far

Format 2: Q&A based on questions I receive via a forthcoming form. These will likely be recorded and released in video format as well

Useful, Original, Thought Provoking Articles

I plan to spend more time writing meaningful, original, and thought provoking articles on my blog. I've had a lot of ideas rolling around in my head the last several years that've been neglected instead of explored.

There will be a variety of articles that I release ranging from product reviews to long form, in-depth articles on a specific topic, to short form on topics I find interesting.

Training Programs

Free videos are great. Free articles are great. Having a plan of action and training programs that are designed for safety and longevity biased toward different skills and modalities are in production currently.

I've released a few so far, the 12-week Shoulder Accessory program and three 5k Running Programs.

Here are the different types of programs I plan to release:

  1. Accessory Training Programs
  2. 12 to 16 week comprehensive programs biased toward a certain skill
  3. A daily movement program
  4. My own training log, nutrition log, business education, life education

Let's look at each of these in order

Accessory Training Programs

I've already made one of these, the 12-Week Shoulder Accessory Program.

Additionally, I am making a hip/low back accessory program, a handstand program (written by Dr. Wes Hendricks), and an olympic lifting accessory program (written by Mike Cerbus).

12 to 16 Week Comprehensive Programs Biased Toward a Certain Skill

These programs get me excited.

The idea I have with these is that the best way to learn about your body and to train is completing training programs that are focused on different areas of development like running, bodyweight strength, hypertrophy, olympic lifting, etc.

The problem with most of the programs out there currently is:

  1. They aren't designed for longevity necessarily (the most important thing to me)
  2. They usually aren't well rounded (bodyweight and gymnastics training programs don't usually include metabolic conditioning, hypertrophy, olympic lifting, etc)

The programs I am designing with my team of experts will be written first with your long term health in mind and second to be well-rounded with a bias toward a specific training style.

I've released three out of eighteen that I currently have planned and they will be in different categories. Let's take a peek at each.

Category: Running

The three that are already available are running specific, 5k training programs written by Chris Johnson and myself. They include running programming and supportive accessory exercises.

Each running distance has three levels. For example, for the 5k distance there is 'Finish your First 5k', 'PR your 5k', 'Podium your 5k'.

We will be making these also for half marathon and marathon distances at the three experience levels.

Category: Bodyweight and Gymnastics

An area of interest for me lately has been improving my bodyweight strength and basic gymnastics abilities. Integrating that type of training with metabolic conditioning and olympic lifting can be a challenge because you don't want to stress your body a certain way in gymnastics training and then go do certain metcon style workouts that stress your body in the same way.

That is a really good way to get hurt. Don't do that.

The programs I am working on with Dr. Wes Hendricks are designed to improve bent arm strength, straight arm strength, core, and lower body.

Additionally there is hypertrophy training, metabolic conditioning, a little bit of olympic lifting, and general strength work.

We will release level 1 first and level 2 and 3 will follow in due course.

Category: Olympic Lifting

Working with Mike Cerbus has been an absolute pleasure. We are putting the final touches on the first 12-week cycle of an olympic lifting program that includes the olympic lifts, supportive hypertrophy work, movement/mobility work, and metabolic conditioning that fits with the overall training program.

The volume and load has been set such that we reduce any sort of injury risk/neural overload as this is meant for people who want to train healthy for a lifetime, not someone who wants to be a competitor.

Category: Others

There will be others...details yet to be released

A Daily Movement Program

Soon I will be releasing The Daily Fix, a subscription based 10-15 minutes of movement based work that is curated daily. Think of what ROMWOD should've know..not just stretching for 45 minutes passively and patting yourself on the back for a job well done.

I believe I am 3-6 months away from launching this unless I have a ton of feedback from people wanting it sooner.

I've been thinking about this for years and it's time to make it happen.

My Own Programming

I will soon, around the end of the year, be releasing a bi-monthly summary of my own programming that I write and perform as well as the meals/nutrition I consume.

I will be writing the program as a large goal-based macrocycle with goal-based mesocycles.

Essentially, if you want to move better, improve your body composition, feel really good, and want programming to follow on a daily basis, this will be for you.

Additionally, I will be including the books I read, podcasts I listen to, and a summary podcast at the end of each two weeks describing why I did the workouts I did, why I ate what I ate, etc. I am partnering with Dr. Anthony Gustin on this as he is more of a nutrition expert than I am.

He will be writing the nutrition components and I will be writing the programming and movement based work.

The Movement Fix Workshop

For the next two months, I am closely examining and assessing every aspect of The Movement Fix Workshop to make it better than it has ever been.

I am putting together the 2018 workshop schedule and plan to teach in the USA and Canada for the first half of the year and then throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and South America for the 2nd half of 2018.

If you'd like to host the event at your gym facility wherever you are in the world, click here to fill out the hosting request form.

I have additional large plans for The Movement Fix Workshop, but I am keeping those under wraps for now.

Hint: 3-day Certification course, speciality courses, and the best Movement/Fitness summit in the world

That's It

I have a lot of projects in the works...many things that are more important than feeling the pressure to continue making blog videos when there are so many large and important things to work on.

I reserve the right to make more videos if I want, but as of now, you have read my game plan.

Time to get after it.