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2-hour video class designed to fix limited mobility and dramatically improve overhead lifts

Have a shoulder issue?

Worried about one?

Or maybe you work with people who do?

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What will this class do for you?


What is one of the most common complaints of athletes at the gym? Shoulder pain. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. But what are the best ways to prevent shoulder issues? How do you make sure you are doing the right prehab to prevent injuries to your shoulder? In this video, all that information is laid out so you can immediately start making your shoulders your strongest area.

• Shoulder pain is a common issue

• An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

• Easy to implement drills

• Get the drills we have found most effective

Identify YOUR problem area

Knowing how to stretch is the easy part. Know where and what you should be stretching is the hard part. Or maybe you need to be strengthening. Your upper back could also be an issue. After this video course, you'll be able to pinpoint where your issues are so you know exactly where to focus your efforts. No more guessing, no more hoping, no more looking for random YouTube videos in the hopes of finding your answer.

• Know where to stretch

• Know when NOT to stretch

• Identify your problem areas

• Develop a strategy specific to your needs

Shoulder Prep

If there is one thing I could change across the board for athletes, it would be the way they warm up their shoulders. If you're going to be lifting heavy weights overhead, you need a proper way to warm up your shoulders. If you're doing some basic stretches, rolling out, and then hitting a workout, you are leaving a ton on the table. In the recorded workshop we have made available, you'll get all the info on what to do after stretching to get your shoulders ready for your workout.

• Warm up and prep is critical for success

• Get our favorite drills

• Develop a strategy beyond just stretching

• Stop leaving your potential on the table!

How to fit it all together

There is nothing more frustrating than doing the same stretches day in and day out, or the same foam roller drills day in and day out and getting no results. The key is knowing how it all fits together. How do you use the right stretches, the right strengthening exercises, and use your shoulder the optimal way in your lifts? The system laid out in this video will give you an easy to follow template to put all the pieces (stretching, mobilizing, strengthening) together seamlessly into your current exercise program.

• Stop doing the same stretches day in and day out with no results

• Fit the drills into your current exercise program

• Get our step by step process for integrating stretching, mobility, and strength

What People Are Saying

"Several years into Crossfit training, I'd have nagging pain every so often, and had plateaued in most of my WOD's. Attending the TMF shoulder workshop helped me fix some of the important things I had stopped paying attention to. The workshop helped me find small fixes that made a big difference in my strength by giving me some good foundational principals to train by. The price I paid for this workshop was a bargain for what I learned."
Karen Gach

Member, Acuo CrossFit

"The Movement Fix Overhead Lifting Workshop gave me simple and effective tools I was immediately able to use when working with athletes I train and for myself. The prehab and warm up exercises are quick, easy to implement into my training, and always get me ready for a great workout."
Blake Bowman, NASM-CPT, CES

Guerrilla Zen Fitness

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get access to the video?
At the time of purchase, you will be asked to create an account. Head to, hit the login button, and it will direct you to the video workshop
How long do I get access for?
Access to this video workshop does not expire
How do I know if this class is not right for me?
If you don't lift weights overhead, have never had any shoulder issues, aren't worried about shoulder issues, and don't work with anyone who has shoulder's that need some help, then this class isn't likely worth it for you

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