Own Your Hip Rotation

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The "What"

You need to own your hip rotation and you need to own it actively and under load.

You should be able to actively control any joint in your body and be able to move it independently or together with other joints.

The "Why"

A lot of people have hip rotation that is stuck to their lumbar spine flexion and extension. They think they are rotating just their hip, but they are rounding their back or extending the back at the same time.

If we want to be able to own our hip rotation, we need to be able to distinguish and control movement of just the hip independent of other structures and then progress ourselves to be able to do it under load.

The "How"

There are three positions you can do this drill in and they are in order of least demanding to most demanding. As a general rule, stick with a level you are able to do well, but that is challenging and never force yourself into a pinch.

Position 1: foot on a box

Position 2: on the ground in a frog position with one leg straight

Position 3: at the bottom of a lateral lunge

Work the position that you need to be in for 10-15 reps each leg several times a day until you can progress to doing it in the lateral lunge.

The hip is a ball and socket joint and you should own ever angle that thing can go in! When someone has low back pain and they can't move their hip independently of the low back, that is a huge priority in helping that athlete.

- Ryan

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