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On Episode 14 of TMF Podcast, I am joined by Chris Johnson, PT, from ZerenPT.com.

To me, Chris is one of the most knowledge people about running performance and running injuries.

Chris considers running a skill that you can train with specific drills. If you play soccer or basketball, you don't just play the game. You practice the basics, you work on your footwork, pivoting, etc. Running is the same way. You can improve your running ability by working on drills, not just by running more.

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Major topics in this podcast include:

  • Running as a skill
  • Why runners need to be working on strength training
  • Why there isn't a perfect running technique
  • Should you be forefoot running? Midfoot? Heel strike?
  • Is there a place for heel striking in your running?
  • Increasing your cadence to reduce knee stress in running
  • A protocol to re-integrate running into your training after an injury
  • How functional fitness athletes can improve their overall performance by including specific running drills into their routine
  • Why you should do running separate (some, if not most of the time) from metabolic work that includes weight lifting
  • and MUCH more

Chris has been featured in several of my video blog posts and it was an absolute pleasure to pick his brain on running topics for over an hour in this podcast.

On April 9-10, Chris and I will be teaching a 2-day workshop in Portland, OR at CrossFit Oregon City. To sign up and learn more about the workshop content, click here.

drills for runners to master


Side note: Chris just released his 'Drills for Runners to Master' e-book! Check it out here. I can't recommend it highly enough.


You can find Chris at the following places:

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