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I am ALWAYS browsing around the internet looking at movement stuff, articles people post, etc. I had recently seen a bunch of posts from moveskill.com all over my facebook feed and peeped around their site a bit. It turns out they are located 20 minutes away from me!

I got a message on facebook asking if I wanted to podcast with them, and my answer of course was, "Hell yeah!".

I headed to the gym they own, Level 4 CrossFit, which just so happens to ALSO be the first CrossFit affiliate in the world outside of the original HQ! What an honor!

I learned that in addition to running that affiliate, they run the website moveskill.com, which is dedicated to all things movement, and especially suited to teaching correct technique, giving great coaching cues, and program design.

They had learned about my site from the article I wrote about why people have to squat differently and wanted to talk more in depth about the implications of the article and what happens when the rubber meets the road.

Click here to head over to their site to listen to the podcast! It will be the first of many I hope. Thanks Dave and Zack!

One thing I really appreciated was their willingness to collaborate. In a world where it seems more and more often people who offer a "product" or "service" in the same realm tend to shun each other due to some supposed threat that if we are nice to each other, everyone will fail. The truth is that if we all work together, it is better for everyone. These guys display this at the highest level.


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