How to Prep Your Shoulders for Toes to Bar

This week I want to show you a way you can prep your shoulders for toes to bar or any kipping motion where you are hanging from the bar.

Now first of all, I don't think toes to bar is a terrible movement, unless done in high reps and combined with deadlifts. For more info on those scenarios, read this post.

There is a time and a place for all exercises and shoulders are a common issue for people in kipping and toes to bar. So this week I show three exercises, from easiest to hardest that I progress someone through or use in a series as a warm up to either build more strength in their shoulders through a range similar to a toes to bar or to just get things warmed up and prepped.

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Prep the shoulders for toes to bar

Do the following (as shown in the video)

  • Straight arm band pull down (10 reps)
  • Barbell straight arm pull over (5-10 reps, light weight)
  • Beat swings (5-10)

If you have shoulder pain while doing any of these, lighten the load or decrease the range of motion. None of these drills should hurt. These also just so happen to be the drills and progressions I use frequently with athletes to get them back pain free shoulder range and tolerance to loading of their shoulders in an overhead position like hanging from a bar.

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