Testing Right Vs Left Pressing Strength

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Testing Right vs Left Pressing Strength | Week 74 | Movement Fix Monday

This week I want to share with you a simple test I use to check someone’s right vs left shoulder strength and motor control in any sort of pressing movement.

First of all, one problem of training only symmetrical overhead lifts where your arms are connected to the same object (barbell, handstand push ups) is that you can always have a weaker side that under performs.

I want to see if I can identify a weakness that may be hiding and then train it up so both shoulders can function similarly and then my big lifts will go up and be more symmetrical.

The test I use is a bottoms up kettlebell press test.

Take a kettlebell that you feel capable pressing in your handed side. Grab it upside down and press it for reps in a slow and controlled way.

Repeat on the non-dominant side and then compare numbers.

If the numbers are very similar and high (like above 12), go up in weight and see how your performance is.

You may find that your dominant side handles it with ease and it is almost impossible to do with the non-dominant side. Congratulations! You found a piece of movement evidence that can assist you in making good decision on how to improve your lifts!

If I identify a big issue side to side, I know I need to start programming in things like dumbbell presses, kettlebell presses, dumbbell bench, ring dips, etc. (things where the arms are connected to different things).

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