The Best Exercise for Hip Stability

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The Best Exercise for Hip Stability | Week 42 | Movement Fix Monday

This week I want to show you an exercise that is better for the hips than the monster walk. Tons of people do monster walks to strengthen their glutes, external hip rotators, etc. The problem is, most people do it wrong.

A better alternative to the standard monster walk is the toe tap. The toe tap is a much more controlled and equally, if not more, brutal stability exercise for the hip. For this drill, you need either a mini band or a barbell. With the mini band around the thighs or barbell on your back, put all your weight into one leg and bend the knee slightly. Then reach out with your other leg, leading with the heel, and tap the ground out to the side.

The goal with this drill is to look like a robot. The leg that you are standing on shouldn't move. It should be bent and stay bent the whole time. The leg that is tapping the ground should be tapping so lightly that you could touch an egg shell but not break it.

A few sets of 10 reps each leg will do the job. This drill is extremely deceiving. It doesn't look like much, but it is powerful!

Thanks to Chris Johnson from Zeren PT for sharing this drill!

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