The lateral lunge may be one of my favorite hip “fixes”. The reason I like it is because it is weight bearing. When things are weight bearing and we work the range of motion, it not only acts as a mobility drill, but also as a stability drill. Remember, lack of stabilization in a squatting position can cause decreased range, not because you don’t have the “mobility” in the tissues, but because you don’t have the motor control to be in that position.

If all you ever do to mobilize your hip is hang off a band, you are going to have a much harder time making gains. I don’t know about you, but when I squat with weight, I am squatting with weight, not lying on the ground with a band around my hip. It doesn’t translate. We are active beings. Mobility and stability drills need to be active, not passive.

Passive doesn’t equal active. Active equals active.

For those of you who are coaches, this is a great drill in a class because it provides people with what they need. What I mean by is this: if someone needs mobility, this will work it. If someone needs stability/motor control, this will work it. So It’s better than just stretching having your class stretch their hips in the warm up. If you just stretch the hips, then those who need stability work get nothing.Add this to your warm up routine and reap the benefits. You will see big changes.

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