The tactical frog is one of those mobilizations that you should either do at home or at a CrossFit gym. If you did this at 24 hour or LA fitness, people just wouldn’t understand what you are doing. I would also advise against letting people film you doing this. The risk, however, is worth the reward.

Why would we do the tactical frog? You shouldn’t just do stuff without knowing WHY you are doing it. You would do the tactical frog if you have limitations in your squat that are actual mobility limitations and not just stability issues. How would you know which you have? If when you do the tactical frog you can bottom it out, meaning get your butt to your heels without losing perfect spine positioning, then you don’t need to do this. Stop wasting your time doing things you already can do. Work on the lateral lunge if your squat needs work but you can bottom this out.

The adductor muscles of the hip can be a huge limitation in squat mobility. The tactical frog is a fantastic way to improve the ability of those muscles to lengthen. By having the knees out wide and pinned against the ground, it prevents the adductors from being able to pull the knees in. This however, will provide greater stress and potential movement of the spine since the adductors attach to the pelvis.



Do not lose neutral position.

How do you know where neutral spinal position is for you? Check out the cat/camel video. Neutral position is half way between the two end ranges.

I like to do the tactical frog as part of a 3 part squat prep series. Do 10-20 reps. I prefer doing this on a mat so it doesn’t irritate the inside of your knees.


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