When I am preparing for squatting, I love the three moves that are shown in the video below. Squatting can sometimes be a mobility restriction, but it can also be limited by proper stability. If you don’t have the stability to get into the squatting position, your body puts the brakes on your mobility to create “false” stability.

But let’s not get into which one you need in this article. I will write something at a future point in time on how to determine if your squatting limitations are due to mobility or stability.

By doing the three moves in this video, you will address the limitations that you have. If you need mobility, you will get that in the tactical frog and in the lateral lunge variations. If you need stability, you will gain it in the lateral lunge variations, but not in the tactical frog since it is not weight bearing.

Check out the article on the tactical frog to read more about how to perform it properly.

Check out the article on the lateral lunge to read more about how to properly execute it.Get ready to PR!

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