In this episode of The Movement Fix Podcast I am joined by none other than Gray Cook. Gray is someone whose work has influenced me tremendously through my schooling and my career. He is a physical therapist, strength coach, and most importantly (in my opinion) an amazing educator.

He is the author of the book 'Movement' and created the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Functional Movement Systems.

The contents of this podcast include:

  • Who were Gray's biggest mentors and influences in his early career?
  • How did he get into the FMS and that side of physical therapy and rehab?
  • How can we utilize movement screening in the overall management of an athlete?
  • The upcoming 'FCS' screening to measure minimum required work capacity for high-level athletics
  • How functional capacity in 4 specific elements is critical to measure
  • Getting rid of the 'fat' in training and focusing on an athlete's biggest limitations, be it movement, functional capacity, or resourcefulness
  • and MUCH more

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