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On episode 20 of The Movement Fix Podcast, I am very pleased to be joined by Mike Reinold, DPT, ATC, a world-renowned shoulder expert. In this episode, Mike and I have a very real and candid conversation about the shoulder, evaluation, thoughts on certain stretches and a ton more.


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The content of this podcast includes:

  • How did Mike get where he is today?
  • The joint by joint approach applied to the shoulder, thoracic spine, and scapulothoracic joint. Is it too simplistic?
  • Stretches you should NOT be doing for your shoulder
  • Why asymmetry for athletes' shoulders in certain sports may be desired
  • The #1 shoulder exercise that most people would benefit from doing
  • Why Mike plays catch with his patients 2-3x/day
  • A shoulder evaluation outline
  • and MUCH more

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