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On episode 22 of The Movement Fix Podcast, I am joined by John Rusin, DPT, CSCS to discuss his training methods, Functional Hypertrophy Training (FHT), and much more. See a list of topics below.

Since after the CrossFit Open, I have cycled my training for the next 12 weeks onto John's FHT program. I like cycling through things and switching it up, trying other people's programming, etc.

So far, I have really been enjoying FHT and John has agreed to give Movement Fix Podcast listeners 10% off his FHT program if they use coupon code 'TMF10'. Head on over to his site and check it out.

I think it could be incorporated intelligently into a larger overall training method if desired or used as a standalone program.

The content of this podcast includes:

  • Why upper back training needs to be in your programming
  • How doing a ton of pull ups needs to be balanced with other lifts
  • The 4 factors involved in muscle hypertrophy
  • How to add hypertrophy training into a 'functional fitness' setting
  • The 2 lifts you should make sure you are doing
  • and MUCH more

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