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On Episode 15 of TMF Podcast, I am joined by Zach Long, DPT, from thebarbellphysio.com.

Zach is a physical therapist out of Charlotte, NC who runs the quickly growing brand 'The Barbell Physio'.

He has written several articles for the CrossFit Journal on squatting, the shoulder, snatching, and more.

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Major topics in this podcast include:

  • What is The Barbell Physio?
  • Why you need to assess movement before you start guessing and stretching
  • Zach's 3 favorite motor control exercises
  • How to best utilize your time during your warm up
  • Why you should spend 5 minutes maximum rolling out before a workout
  • Hip pinching in the squat and its relation to hip rotation
  • and MUCH more

bulletproof mobility



Side note: Zach just released his 'Bulletproof Mobility' program! Check it out here and use coupon code 'themovementfix' to receive 10% off



Links discussed during the podcast

Zach's instagram videos we mentioned:

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