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In this episode of The Movement Fix Podcast

Dr. Perry Nickelston from StopChasingPain.com joins me in this episode. Dr. Perry has a huge, loyal following because he is a great speaking, intriguing writer, and overall down to earth dude. In this podcast we talk about the MEANING of "Stop Chasing Pain" and why it is so important. He tells us about when he first heard the term and how much it affected him.

One area we go into depth about is the difference between a painful area and a problematic area. We always seem to think that the painful area is the dysfunctional area. Dr. Perry points out that a lot of times, the painful area is the most functional area, which leads to it being overused and abused. The dysfunctional areas (the ones not doing their job) over usually not painful, and therefore go overlooked.

Dr. Perry's class he put together is called "Moving Beyond Mobility". He isn't denying the importance of mobility, but maybe we focus on that aspect of the movement world too much and forget about stability and kinetic chains.

In Dr. Perry's approach with patients and athletes, he uses a system he calls the RAIL system. It includes 4 steps that are VITAL to athletic and movement success. According to Dr. Perry, we usually miss the 3rd step, integration.

Movement involved muscles, joints, etc, but it really comes down to the brain. Dr. Perry tells us why the brain is so important and you should think about working on the brain instead of the muscles and other tissues. Consider this: if you roll out on a foam roller and feel loose, but 30 minutes later feel tight again, you didn't change anything permanently. You didn't break tissue down. You affected the nervous system temporarily. Dr. Perry wants to show you guys how to make those changes STICK, which he does through the RAIL system.

That is a very brief overview of what is in the podcast. Carve out an hour of your time to learn from one of the best!

Make sure to check out the Stop Chasing Pain Website and Facebook page!

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