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In this episode of The Movement Fix Podcast

Dr. Dave Tilley, a physical therapist, gymnastics coach, and crossfitter from The Hybrid Perspective  joins me to discuss:

  • The most common type of back pain in a gymnast
    • How Dr. Tilley manages these athletes
  • "Core" training in gymnastics with areas that need to be worked more and others that need to be worked less
  • Shoulder pain from toes to bar
  • Wrist mobility necessary for handstands
  • Can you be as flexible as the gymnasts you see on TV? Do you want that?
  • Would Dr. Tilley rather be too stiff or too flexible?
  • Are repetitive spinal flexion exercises done in gymnastics safe?
  • and MUCH more

Want to learn more from Dr. Dave Tilley?

  • His website is here
  • Follow his facebook page
  • Follow him on twitter @Hybrid_Perspect

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