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Top 5 Fixes of 2015

This week I want to share with you guys our top 5 most viewed videos in 2015!

Before we get into it, I want to say thank you for all your support of The Movement Fix. This year went beyond my expectations. We had over 1 million hits to the website, 500k video views, and 23 great workshops across the US and in Canada (check out the 2016 workshop schedule). I am humbled.

Movement Fix Monday was originally planned to only be for the year of 2015. 1 video a week for 52 weeks. However, for 2016, I am upping my game. Here is what I am planning:

2016 Content Release Schedule:

Every Monday for 2016: Movement Fix Monday shall go on for at least 1 more year

Every 2 weeks on Wednesday: New Podcast episode. If you haven't been listening to TMF Podcast, check out the episodes HERE and subscribe on iTunes HERE.

Every month beginning February 1: In depth, longer article on something I think (and I hope you think) is interesting. Anything you'd be interested in? Visit the Contact page to share your idea.

All this content will be free. 

Ok enough tooting the TMF Horn. Here are the top 5 most viewed videos in 2015:

#5 - 'Tight' Hamstrings?

Too many people think they have 'tight' hamstrings. The quotation marks around the word tight wasn't an accident. It was written that way because I am questioning if your hamstrings are really tight or if they feel tight because they're overworked, or you have sciatic nerve tension, or your brain needs to understand how to let the hammies relax and how to correctly interpret neurological signals

Full post CLICK HERE

#4 - Squatting's Biggest Double Standard

Pistols are a great gymnastics drill, but we need to reconsider their use as a way to get your heart rate up and train metabolic conditioning. You literally cannot do a pistol without rounding your back. We all agree the 'butt wink' isn't good to have in high rep air squats, so why does squatting on one leg change that? Because it looks cool?

Full post: CLICK HERE

#3 - Hip Flexor "tightness"

Just like in the hamstring post, the word tightness is written in quotes because the sensation of tightness or having a strange feeling doesn't mean a muscle is short. It means it subjectively feels tight to you. If you can't control your spine and pelvis, you may always be hanging on the hip flexor muscles, giving you a sense of 'tightness'.

Full post: CLICK HERE

#2 - How to Double Under (and triple under) like a BOSS

Build up your jumping capacity before you try to double or triple under like a boss. I agree with you, double unders and triple unders are hot. Doing 5 in a row for a year without making progress isn't very hot. Work on your jumping capacity via single unders, alternating steps, single leg single unders, and more so you can become a BOSS.

Full post: CLICK HERE

#1 - Quick Hip Assessment for Squatting

This quick hip assessment for squatting video is far and away the most popular video of 2015 with more than 100,000 views. I am glad you guys all found this interesting. Whenever I am dealing with a hip in my clinic or at a gym, I go through some sort of assessment similar to this.

Full post: CLICK HERE

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