I love coffee.

And also love thinking clearly and performing to the best of my abilities.

Recently I decided to experiment with putting MCT Oil Powder in my coffee in the morning instead of using coconut oil or cream for an extra mental boost.


First Off, What is MCT?

MCT stands for medium chain triglyceride. It is a fatty acid that has a length that's considered 'medium' (compared to long or short) and being medium allows it to do certain things.

For one, it can be more easily utilized as fuel in the brain. It doesn't have to get processed much in your liver for processing, so it allows the brain cells to metabolize it easily to produce energy which can lead to more mental clarity.

Secondly, it can get your metabolism to burn fat to start off your day.

Two things I want. Think clearly and burn fat.


Why Not Just Use Coconut Oil or Butter?

Since I am specifically using MCT oil powder to burn fat and think clearly, having the extra types of fatty acids that come with butter and coconut oil don't necessarily help that process.

Coconut oil is composed of around 15% total of the two MCTs in Perfect Keto's MCT Oil powder, so you are getting a higher dosage of these fatty acids that can more easily be converted to ketones to fuel your brain and change your metabolism.

This isn't a 'find the best whole food that fits the need' issue.

This is a 'let's supplement with something we know works well'


What is My MCT Oil Powder + Coffee Process?

I am a coffee fanatic. If there was a sommelier for coffee, I would probably study for it.

Here is the process I use to make my coffee with MCT Oil Powder.

Step 1 - Brew coffee and pull shots

Step 2 - Put MCT Oil Powder in some sort of shaker cup

Step 3 - Pour coffee into shaker cup

Step 4 - Shake it

I find if I just combine the two and stir, I get chunks of MCT oil powder since there aren't added chemicals to make it break apart easily.

I am too lazy to put this in a blender and then have to clean the blender, so I shake it and it works perfectly

Step 5 - Enjoy. Start thinking clearly and burning fat


What's the Science of MCTs?

There is actually a fair amount of research on the effects of MCTs, for example:

And there are probably a lot of other studies that will be coming out.

So as of now, there is enough evidence for me to want to take more MCTs than I can get just from coconut oil or butter, which is why I have been taking the MCT Oil Powder.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

My MCT oil powder of choice.

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