How to work on your Lat, Teres Major, and Subscap

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How to work on your Lat, Teres Major, and Subscap | Ep. 122 | Movement Fix Monday

Where and Why?

Certain areas around the shoulder need work from time to time. For people doing a lot of pull ups, deadlifts, olympic lifting (really just weight training in general) the area near the front of the lat is a sweet spot.

In this area, you have the front of the lat, the teres major, and potentially you can affect the subscap.

For overhead lifting, getting these muscles to relax and calm down can be really helpful.

It's almost impossible to get these specific areas with a foam roller. If you use your hands it is really tiring. If you use a lacrosse ball, it's awkward.

But I've been playing around with a way to make it really easy, which is shown in the video.

The Setup

If you're working on your left shoulder for example, start in a seated position. Place your right elbow on your right thigh, just above the knee.

Make a first with your thumb out and use the tip of your thumb as a little nubbin poking device. Lock that thumb in tight though so you don't create a thumb problem.

Then lean over the top of your right arm and thumb nubbin poking device and get right on the area of the front of your lat as shown and demonstrated in the video. Relax over your nubbin and gently move your arm around, focusing on getting the muscles in your shoulder region to relax.

When doing this, I aim for 30-60 seconds with a discomfort level of 2-3 out of 10 max. You can do this gently before working out to improve your range of motion (can I say ROM?) and smoothen out the motion.

Don't beat the hell out of this area. It doesn't need to be bruised to be effective.


I don't usually post videos like this on how to roll out xyz this something you'd like to see more videos about? Comment below and let me know



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