Day 27: Hip Mobility for Toes to Bar

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Welcome to Day 27 of the 30 Days of Warm Ups and Movement Prep.

Today we will be working on hip mobility for toes to bar.

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The 30 Warm Ups and Routines in this guide are meant to be used before or after a training session.

Each day was originally designed to be done for 30 minutes, however, with much testing and feedback, 15 minutes is now recommended.

These sequences are designed to be done for the allotted time (15 minutes) working through the reps at a low to moderate pace.

Day 27 - Hip Mobility for Toes to Bar

Today is day 27 of the challenge and we will be focusing on hip mobility for toes to bar.


  • Straight Leg Raise with Twist; 10/side with 2 twists
  • Primal Pull Through; 10 reps
  • Toes to Bar on Ground; 6-8 pain free reps

Straight Leg Raise with Twist

In this version of the straight leg raise, we are going to pause at the top and rotate the top leg. Make sure to keep the knee locked and the toes pulled up toward the shin. Rotating the leg in this manner can help decrease nerve tension, allowing for improved hip mobility in the toes to bar movement.

Primal Pull Through

Begin by getting in to the top of a push up position. Push your butt up toward the ceiling and pull your chest down toward the ground. Avoid trying to pull your neck through as far as you can so you can allow for upper thoracic extension.

Toes to Bar on Ground

Now we will perform a toes to bar, but on the ground. Because this movement requires lumbar exion, we want it to be pain free and keep the reps low. If you do not have a bar as shown in the video, you can use a barbell that has weight on it or grab the post on a pull up bar.

nt from this ring row is thoracic spine (upper back) extension and activation of the musculature in the upper back. This will help to prevent the upper back from rounding in the back squat.

An upper back rounding in a squat can be a mobility issue, a stability issue, or a strength issue. The ring row as used here can help with all of those.

What’s Next

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